Closing in

Sunday morning, only a day left before I’ll head for the gym. Motivation is still quite good, which is positive.

Another thing that is also positive is my lower back, it’s not hurting that much now. Yesterday I had an appointment with a massage therapist and not only did she knead my back, but she also did some pulling and stretching, and afterwards I got this thermal belt to put on for 8 hours.

I can still feel a sense of pain in the back, but not close to what I’ve felt the last days. The therapist mentioned that I would probably still feel some pain a few more days as the muscles close to the affected area had been helping to steady the back and they would be somewhat sore. Now it’s just to wait and see.

I also booked a meeting with a personal trainer for next week, where I’m going to run some tests and measure my percentage of body fat. Not that I think have to much body fat, but I would to know where my starting point is, and to be able to see the progress.

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