Delays, delays everywhere…

Initial plan for the day, work > buy car parts > work out > eat.
What really happened, work > buy car parts. End. Nothing else.

Buying the car parts first looked quite easy, more or less all the stuf we wanted was already removed from the donor car and we only had to load it in our cars, just a minor thing left, to unscrew the couch. Not that easy though, it took round about 30 mintues, a gas burner, two big ass wrenches and a grinder to get it free from the floor. Rust. Must. Love.

So everything loaded in our cars, then it was time for the mandatory ”do we need anything else while we are here?” and it took another 45 minutes before we could leave. Then there was driving home, unloading, cleaning the cars and by the time we were done the gym was closed and I felt it was to late to eat anything proper. So no work out today. I’m not that sacked though, I will be there tomorrow morning close to opening hours to get my work done. Just need to find some proper breakfast to eat, otherwise it will be baaad.

Today is my last day with creating preparations, so from tomorrow and forward I can to only one spoon every morning, instead of 4 times a day.

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