I guess

I guess I should be heading for the gym tomorrow, to get started right away. But yeah..

Being a goalkeeper, guarding the crease of just a few feet you don’t skate very long distances nor in a longer amount of time, you just do short movements, very explosive. That’s all. But I like to skate out a few sessions every seasons, and since we had our last practice yesterday I made a go for it this year as well. Bad mistake.

I did well, I sure did, for the one and a half our that we had our scrimmage I managed to make at least 2 assist and 4 goals. Not bad for a keeper. But I also got myself a reminder that even if you endurance isn’t made for skating out, your winner instinct don’t care. A normal person would have calculated that to manage this amount of time, I can use this amount of engery per minute (or what ever measuring method you are using). But not me, no, not at all. It was 100% from the very first start and that was crucial. After like 10 minutes I almost threw up at the ice. I had no power left, at all. Could barely breath, not skate and I was just hoping for a short break anytime soon.

Anyhow, when I woke up this morning I felt muscles that I didn’t even knew I had, and my body is hurting, my WHOLE body. That’s what you get when you leave the net. I should remember this for next seasons.

So I guess I won’t be heading for the gym tomorrow, I just won’t make myself of any use there. So maybe tuesday or wednesday 🙂

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