Let’s roll again!

Ice hockey season is over, sadly, but also finally in some extent… This season have been a roller coaster of feelings, some times even a strugle to find motivation and I had to drag my ass down to the metal barn and hit the ice. My personal development did some improvement, for sure, but I didn’t get any greater deal of experience. But it’s said that you should be happy for the little things, so I guess I’m exuberant about the 51minutes and 59 seconds in which I actually saw game time. It’s 51:59 more than last season. Woho…

So… Enough rant and back to business. When there is no ice sessions left I need to prepare for the coming season, so it’s time to visit the gym again and do some lifting project planning software. I did really enjoy the Strong Lifts setup and I will continue with this. I guess I like the progress it showed and the small amount of time I had to spend at the gym.

Since I’ve done a period with Strong Lifts before I can adjust my starting weights, otherwise there would have been some really easy work outs in the beginning and I feel we can skip that. There is this really nice excel sheet from Strong Lifts which helps you calculate the starting weight based on your previous weights. I entered my last stats and this will be my start

Squat = 50KG
Bench press = 32,5KG
Overhead press = 20KG
Barbell row = 30KG
Deadlift = 52,5KG

I’m actually kinda stoked to begin with this again, I feel confident and I believe I will manage to keep up the pace once again.
And I’m considering to take some yoga classes to, I really need to get more flexible…

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