Pain and feeding the focus

A week ago I was working some extra hours at my job, it’s always nice to make extra cash and I felt a need to help my co-workers. So there I was, moving computers and monitors around, and I had to go up one stair. There was no elevator and I didn’t feel for going twice, so I just grabbed my box and went up. Right after the moment when the box left the ground I felt a pain going through my lower back, and my first thought was ”This I will regrett”, and I was right.

Now I’m sitting here, almost impossible to move myself anywhere without out making faces and curse myself for that huge mistake last friday. I mean, I became a IT guy because I didn’t like doing those ”heavy” lifts..

Anyway, I took some diclofenac sodium and hoped that it would get better, it did feel better after 2 or 3 days, but now it’s back at full force again, if not worse great post to read. Tomorrow I have an appointment for massage and I’m putting a lot of faith in that session.

So, what to do when your lower back is hurting as hell and you want to work out? Well, the beginner I am I decided to give YouTube a visit and get fed up with a lot of useful information.

Since StrongLifts 5×5 is based on five core exercises I decided to look them up, for a chance to get proper technique. There was a monsterous amount of videos for the different exercises, here is a handfull of what I watched.

How to Perform the Deadlift

How to Perform the Squat

How to Perform the Overhead Press

How to Perform the Bench Press

How to Perform the Barbell Row

Enjoy! Or something…

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