Starting point

After I’d been at the gym for a week I went to a personal trainer to get a proper measurement done, to know where I’m starting and also to be able to follow up and compare later on. A few days ago I recieved the results on a PDF and I though I’d share them here as well.

Weight: 84,7kg
Body fat % (tanita scale): 18,2
Body fat % (caliper): 20

Left thigh: 52,5 cm
Right thigh: 53,5 cm
Chest: 97 cm
Left Bicep: 31,5 cmRight Bicep: 31,5 cm
Left Bicep (tensed): 34,5 cm
Left Bicep (tensed): 35,5 cm

Will be interesting to see wether my effort at the gym did some good or not.


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