The challange

I’m not a lazy person, nor afraid to dig in, work hard, get exhausted and all that. A few years back I laced my skates back on and got out on the ice, starting to play hockey again, and the first seasons really proved me – and maybe some others – wrong on that part, I really do know how to work hard. But hockey during winter is not going to get my body in order, especially not during spring and summer, it’s more a tool to maintain it.

But there is this thing, which I can’t get rid off, that have been bugging me whenever I try to get my ass back to the gym. I always bail out after a short time, I believe the record is one and a half month, and then I already had signed up for a year. Well spend money…

The reason you might ask? Well, I simply hate going to the gym. I’ve tried a few ways, like not going alone, but bring a buddy to practice with. Didn’t work. I brought my own music to the gym, didn’t work. I tried to write down all my exercises, document all my progress, didn’t work.
Going to the gym is boring. Period.

So what’s making it different this time? I don’t know really, but I have a really good feeling right now.

You could say that I apply one of the tips I got when I was in Detroit Lakes, MN, on a goalie camp in 2011, it’s kinda like the tip I got when I was practicing for my motorcycle driver’s license, picture yourself in the situations, what’s coming and how you will act to save it, picture youself where you are going to be. I’m picturing myself begin at the gym lifting the weights, I picture myself skipping that extra piece of food, not going for that fast junkfood when I’m to lazy to cook. Easy to say, I picture myself in many different positions, which all will help me get in better shape and get a more healthy life.

Since I don’t like being at the gym, or doing a lot of different exercises, I had to find a way to get myself over there, do what I must, and leave. And I believe I have found a way. It’s not a shortcut, I have learned those doesn’t exist. A few years ago I stumbled upon a ‘system’ called StrongLifts 5×5, and it caught my eyes at once. I went on for a few weeks, reading what I could about it and then I was ready to start. For some unknown reason I never did.

I’m no expert in any subject when it comes to practice, I’m just a happy amateur and therefore it wouldn’t make sense if I where to rant about all the benefits with SL5x5. But I thought I’d try to explain what it’s all about for those who doesn’t know, and for my own sake as well. It’s always good to know what you are doing.

Basically SL5x5 is about the basics, 5 different execises where you need to have good technique and control over your body. You’ll run 3 gym sessions a week, and you will run 3 exercises on every session.

Overhead press
Bench press
Barbell row

Except Deadlift, each exercise will be done in 5×5, five sets with five repetitions each time.
Deadlift is one set, 5 repetitions.

Then you have this <a title="pre-made schedule" href="http://stronglifts online task management×5/#Spreadsheets” target=”_blank”>pre-made schedule to follow, where you add more weights as the time goes. There is also a formula how to handle failures, if you fail to do that last repetition or even set. It’s not harder than that, I think even I can handle this.

The pre-made schedule is set up for 12 weeks, and except going to the gym in the first place, this is my goal, to complete the 12 week program. When it’s done, who knows, maybe I find myself going to the gym even more, or at least on a regular basis.

For those who are interested, you can read more about StrongLifts 5×5 on their website.×5

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