Work out compilation

For some reason I’ve forgotten to update here for some time. Not that I haven’t been working out, I’ve just procastinated the task. Quite usual some times. Anyhow, I’ve been doing my reps and sets even though it’s not documented here, yet, it’s about to change.

So there has been a couple of sessions, but I won’t describe them that detailed, I’ll just mention the weight progress. I managed 5×5 on all and it all felt good.

From 72,5 kilos to 77,5 kilos

Bench press
From 52,5 kilos to 55 kilos

Barbell row
From 55 kilos to 57,5 kilos

Overhead press
From 32,5 kilos to 35 kilos

From 105 kilos to 107,5 kilos (personal record!)