One hell of a week…

I still suck at this. Sorry.

Anyhow, since the last entry I’ve been to a number of different work outs and it feels quite ok. I mean, the last week has been as the topic says, one hell of a week.

Starting last tuesday, I went to the gym and then I went to an ice session on wednesday. Then I had a break for a couple of days returning to the gym on monday with the regular work out, did yoga on tuesday and followed it up with another ice session and topped the day with a goalie practice as the third work out for the day and today wednesday I was back at the gym. It’s safe to say that my body is a bit sore and tired. But soo worth it!

As usual when I fail to update I’ll just to a quick recap of the weights that I’ve improved, so here we go!

From 82,5 kilos to 92,5 kilos

Bench press
Had to deload and are now at 55 kilos

Barbell row
From 62,5 kilos to 65 kilos

Overhead press
From 37,5 kilos to 40 kilos

From 105 kilos to 115 kilos (personal record!)