What the hell happened?

So, really long time no see…

Last time I wrote something I had a brutal week with workouts and since then I’ve made it somewhat less brutal. I skipped the yoga and goalie practice is rarely now days, so we are down to two ice sessions and three days at the gym – feeling pretty ok with it.

At first I tried to continue with SL5x5 and doing hockey but it was just to much legs in all those so I had to come up with something else, it was either one of them because running both was not an option. I changed my gym sessions to the all mighty disco gym instead, just doing upper body. Pretty fun actually!

I didn’t leave SL5x5 right after the last post, but it was rather soon after it. I managed to get some milestones though. So here’s a little show of

Squats: 100 kilos
Overhead press: 42,5 kilos
Deadlift: 120 kilos
Bench press: 60 kilos
Barbel row: 70 kilos

But now it’s only focusing on upper body except from a easy set of 8×3 with squats and 5×2 with deadlift, just because I want to get that stifness back in my legs. I just started to I’ll see how it works together with hockey.

What does really surprise me though is that I have, and hold on to something now, started to run on the tread mill! For the last 3 weeks I’ve been running 2 miles (3,2 kilometers) after each gym session – and I actually enjoy it. I usually hate running. Probably still do but as it gets easier it also gets funny. This monday I was actually looking forward to running. That’s so so strange for being me.


And then a sidenote, hello to all script kiddies running WordPress exploits! Let’s go Palestine yeah! lol