Yoga again

So, after last the yoga session last week I was determined to try yet another time, you gotta try everything at least twice you know. So I booked myself for another session and suited up for an hour long relaxing work out.

As reported after the last session, we did all these funny movements and twisting the body in all kinds of directions. It was pretty much the same setup as before, maybe a few new movements, I don’t really remember.

I was not the only male though, there was these two other guys and they where pretty much as flexible as I am.

One difference though, this time I didn’t feel my abs that much, and I’m actually wondering why. Maybe I wasn’t focusing enough or I have become stronger in belly muscles. Probably the first option.

I do feel a bit sore in my butt today, probably a result of the three work outs this week so far. But I guess that’s life. I’ll come back to yoga again, but not next week as I will be travelling for work. But maybe the week after that. We’ll see.